Liqueur Selection Box by Cardiff Distillery

Miniature Liqueur Selection


Choose any five of our delicious miniature liqueurs and we will pack them in our gift box to send out to you


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Liqueur Selection Box

Our Liqueur Selection Box allows you to choose exactly what flavours you’d like delivered to you. These range from our zesty Limoncello to our rich smooth salted caramel. They are delicious drank on their own or with a mixer, ideal to liven up a Prosecco or use in a multitude of naughty cocktails.

What liqueur and whats the best way to use it?

We only use the best of ingredients in our liqueurs. All are distilled and carefully crafted to ensure we only create the very best flavours. All of our liqueurs range between 20% and 25% ABV.

Liqueurs are one of the most versatile alcoholic products. Like most spirits they can be used in a range of cocktails or simply drunk neat over ice. For instance, we even use ours in cooking up some delicious desserts such as coffee or lemon drizzle cake.  The key to liqueurs is experimenting and working out what you enjoy. There are no rules, have fun and let your imagination run riot

For additional cocktails that you can make with Caramel Liqueur by Cardiff Distillery please check out our mixology page

What else do we do at Cardiff Distillery?

If you enjoy our caramel liqueur, you may want to look into our gin school or monthly Cardiff gin club that has some amazing offers and is constantly being updated to make it a better experience each month. Its a great place to meet other gin lovers and provide idea to the distillery for future product releases.

If you’re looking for a great night out why not book one of our cool dining pods, all the booking information can be found on our site or contact us on 02920 235005