Fields of Pontcanna Gin

Fields of Pontcanna 70cl


Fields of Pontcanna Gin is steeped with orange, underpinned with juniper and hints of tarragon, galangal root and a kick of citrus. Aged in charred chestnut barrels, giving a depth of flavour and colour. 40% ABV



Fields of Pontcanna Gin

Steeped with orange, underpinned with juniper with hints of tarragon, galangal root and a kick of citrus. 40% ABV

Perfect Pour

Keep your gin as cool as possible (preferably in the freezer). This way it tastes delicious on its own over ice, served in an old-fashioned glass.

For a G&T, try and use a Copa glass, fill completely with ice, the largest ice cubes you can find, so that they don’t melt too quickly.

Pour in a 50ml measure of gin over the ice and give it a quick stir, then add your tonic, we recommend Fever Tree Aromatic or try with Fever Tree Ginger Ale. Their 200ml bottle is perfect.

Another quick stir and garnish with a wheel of dehydrated orange.

Favourite Cocktail – Cathedral Smoke

50ml Fields of Pontcanna Gin

20ml Maple Syrup

5 dashes of Smoke and Salt Bitters

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.


  • Thin the syrup with a dash of hot water.
  • Add all ingredients to a Boston shaker with ice
  • Stir moderately for 10 seconds
  • Strain into old-fashioned glass with chunk of ice

For additional cocktails that you can make with our lovely Gin please check out our mixology page

What else do we do at Cardiff Distillery?

If you enjoy our delicious Fields of Pontcanna Gins, you may want to look into our gin school or monthly Cardiff gin club that has some amazing offers and is constantly being updated to make it a better experience each month. Its a great place to meet other gin lovers and provide idea to the distillery for future product releases.

If you’re looking for a great night out why not book one of our cool dining pods, all the booking information can be found on our site




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