become the master distiller

Cardiff’s first school of Gin

Choose your favourite botanicals and take charge of your very own still, to create YOUR gin. Finish the experience by bottling and labelling your creation to take home and enjoy!

A GIN masterpiece

With the guidance of our distiller, you will learn the art of flavour profiling, what flavours match others and what to try and avoid, in order to make the best gin. You're then ready to make your very own masterpiece. It's then onto the exciting part - distilling your botanicals and 96% alcohol. This is where you'll find out more about heads, hearts and tails.


On arrival you'll be served one of our lovely gins, along with an explanation of the distilling process from our distiller. After you've finished making your gin, we will make you a delicious G&T from your new recipe.Don't worry about finishing your new bottle of gin too quickly, we will hold the recipe for you and you can order again. Makes a great personal gift!

Gin School Availability

Wednesday - Friday 10:00 | 13:00 | 16:00 Saturday 10:00 | 13:00