Bonded Warehouse

We have a bonded warehouse so your spirit can arrive in duty suspension. We can except liquid in IBC’s, 200L drums, 25L drums or even by the tanker. We can source all of your dry goods, including bottles, labels, stoppers, capsules, packaging and anything else required


We are registered with Cardiff Council as a food and drinks business, we are also going through SALSA accreditation as well as B Corp certification. All of our team are WSET trained. We also have a host of H&S accreditation. Lead times range from one to two weeks after receiving dry goods and liquid


Do you offer private label bottling?

Yes, we have a wide range of customers that we label products for, we even work with partner printers that specialise in the food and drink industry

What is the size of your facility?

Cardiff Distillery is 3,500 sq ft in size, but we’ve packed a lot into that space

What are your minimum production runs for bottle and labelling?

Our minimum production run is typically 250 bottles, but we do have a minimum order charge that allows us to run smaller batches. for packing projects is a full day’s production requirement. But we can definitely run smaller jobs with a small minimum run fee.

What bottle sizes do you work with?

We work with a wide range of bottles, we are able to fill any bottle size or shape, even if it means that we do it manually. Typical sizes are 5cl, 20cl, 35cl, 70cl and 100cl.

Can you fill miniatures?

Yes, thats not a problem, we can even go down to 2cl if required

Can you source dry goods?

We stock a wide range of bottles, stoppers and packaging. We also work closely with our partner companies who are able to source other products if required, please get in touch with us for more details.