Cardiff Distilleries Commitment to Keeping Staff and Guests Safe During COVID19

Hotel Accommodation
We are working hard to make sure all of our staff and guests are safe when in our premises, with this in mind we have introduced the following measures:
  • All high touch areas such as bathrooms, banisters, door handles and remote controls are disinfected and cleaned with a higher frequency
  • All of our laundry is washed at above 60 degrees
  • No loose material will be left in rooms such as leaflets, pens and paper
  • No buffet breakfast will be served, instead we will be delivering a continental breakfast, all of our rooms now have coffee pod machines and fridges
  • If our restaurant is not open, we will have room service available on a limited menu
  • Signage will be in place to remind guests of social distancing measures and there maybe one-way systems in place within the building
  • All guests will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entry into the building
Can we check in remotely for accommodation?


Yes, all of our guests will be able to check in online, only needing to collect a key on arrival
How are rooms being serviced?


For guests staying longer than one night, we will not be turning over rooms, any additional linen or toiletries can be arranged by our housekeeping
Distillery, Bar & Restaurant
As everyone is aware, hospitality is one of the trickiest industries to address during COVID19. With this in mind we have implemented the following measures and your full cooperation would be very much appreciated:
  • Social distancing will be strict for the safety of all our customers and our staff
  • All of our glasses, cutlery and crockery are washed at above 65 degrees
  • All staff will be trained in how to deal with both drinks and food
  • One-way systems may well be in place during your time with us
  • Please have patience with staff as everything is taking a little longer to do.
  • Digital menus and contactless ordering in place
  • Table service only
Do you accept cash?


Unfortunately, we no longer accept cash and are doing everything possible to become as contactless as possible
How do you clean your menus?


We only have digital menus available; each table will have a QR code that enables you to download our app and place food and drink orders that will be delivered directly to your table
Are you still offering all of your packages?


We are, but some will have changed to allow for a safer delivery

Do you have hand sanitising stations in your building?


Yes, we have 80% Alcohol hand sanitiser at every entry point and on every floor of the building.
What happens if I arrive at your establishment showing symptoms of COVID19?


We’re hoping that anyone showing symptoms of COVID19 will have the foresight and not travel, anyone that does will unfortunately not be permitted into the building.
How are you protecting your staff?


We have regular zoom calls with all members of staff and have implemented additional training and procedures on how to deal with COVID19, these are being updated on a weekly basis
Do staff sanitise after every customer?


Yes, our staff will sanitise after contact with every customer using 80%
ABV sanitiser
What extra cleaning is undertaken in toilets?


Our toilets will be checked/cleaned every 20 minutes. Hand sanitiser
will be available rather than soap to also limit the use of having to touch
towel dispensers and hand blowers
Keep safe
Cardiff Distillery Team