What main flavours are found in rum

What are the main flavours found in rum? Well, it’s a difficult question, kind of like asking what flavours are found in ice cream. Sure, common notes are caramel, raisins and vanilla, but depending on style, colour and where sugarcane is from, each style of rum comes with its own plethora of delicious flavours. From earthy white rums to dried fruit-like aged rums akin to whisky or brandy, here are the main flavours you’ll find in rum.

White rum

Whether the label says white, blanco, platino or dry – it means one thing, that the rums have had little or no ageing at all. In some ways white rum can be compared to vodka, it’s subtle, inoffensive and isn’t packed with obvious flavours. However, it still blows vodka, out of the water, and the main flavours that can be found, albeit subtle, are of almond, vanilla, grass and subtle oak.

Aged rum

With years to develop in charred, smoky oak barrels, the aged rums of theworld are the most flavourful, and the main flavours found in these rums can be anything from chocolate and vanilla to pineapple and tobacco. The reason aged rums have such intense flavours is that they benefit from the use of oak casks, casks that have previously held flavourful liquids like bourbon (the most common), but also cognac, sherry, port or even wine. These barrels impart their flavour into the ageing rum, adding not complexity and a host of flavours but a golden colour as well. Expect flavours like oak, caramel, prune, raisin and cognac.

Dark rum

Many people would tell you the darker a rum is, the richer the flavour, andin some ways, this is true. The main flavours found in dark rum are totally dependent on the way the dark rum was produced, whether it was aged for a long period in barrels or simply blended with flavourings and dark colourings after distillation. Regardless, dark rums usually have a strongerflavour than white rums. Dark rums that are coloured with caramel will have sweet, caramel flavours, while rums aged in charred barrels can taste of smoke, oak, tobacco and dried fruits.

Flavoured and spiced rums

For reasons it says on the tin, it won’t shock you that spiced and flavouredrums are the most flavourful rums, and the main flavours can be anything from cinnamon and vanilla to raspberry and cherry.

The main flavours of spiced rum are, you guessed it, spices and citrus fruits, usually flavoured with the likes of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla and orange peel or fresh ginger. Living in the world we do,one can pretty much get hold of any flavoured rum you desire, from tropical fruit to coffee. Pineapple, coconut, lemon, coffee and cherry are just some of the flavoured rums available on the market today.