What is gin made from? Is one of the most commonly asked questions, and it has one of the nicest answers. It is, of course, made from sunbeams, rainbows and unicorn glitter :0) Ah, how good would that be? To be fair, there are so many varieties around at the minute that you are bound to find one somewhere which lists these among its ingredients! For the purpose of this question, however, we will stick to the facts.

The regulations relating to what can go into gin for it still be called gin are pretty strict. The most crucial ingredient of them all is juniper and if it’s not included it ain’t gin; simple as. All gin starts life as a neutral spirit distilled from a natural ingredient such as barley, grapes, potatoes or wheat. The flavour comes next, and these come from the botanicals which are added during the production process. They will be whichever flowers, herbs, plants, seeds or spices are needed for this particular batch. Once the distillation, blending , refining and dilution has taken place a bottle of gin cannot be any less that 37.5% pure alcohol by volume, which is clearly displayed on the label.

So know you know exactly what’s in your glass before you dilute it with tonic, lemonade etc. Salut!