gin vs vodka

No, gin is not made from vodka but as they both start life in the same way, being distilled from natural grains, potatoes etc, it’s easy to see how people could think this. These base ingredients must contain starch or sugar for vodka, but don’t for gin. Once distilled, vodka is essentially alcohol cut with water and that’s it. This is why it’s the base for so many cocktails as it just tastes of alcohol.

Gin, on the other hand, is laden with botanicals and juniper berries, giving it an altogether more distinctive flavour. So whereas you can literally chuck anything in with vodka you have to make sure only complimentary flavours are added when making a gin based cocktail.

You will probably have seen loads of kits around, and recipes online, which claim that you can make your own gin from vodka but technically it’s not a real gin, it’s what is known as a compound gin. Flowers, berries etc soaked in vodka do not make a true gin, you are merely creating a fruity vodka, and juniper berries and it’s a compound gin.

Why bother messing about with vodka and flowers and berries when you can just buy a bottle of gin in any flavour under the sun and know it will taste good? Bit of a no brainer really..