So what do you want first, the good news? Or the better news? Gin is not only not fattening (does that make sense?) but it’s actually one of the least calorific of all spirits! That’s right people, gin is officially the best thing to drink, except water or diet pop or herbal tea etc etc, if you are watching your weight.

Just hang on a second there before you celebrate by pouring yourself a quadruple, we are talking pure gin here, London gin, the real I am. We are not talking fairy dust or lemon cheesecake et al, these are gin liqueurs and get their sweetness from a shedload of sugar so are therefore not part of the fast busting crew.

London gin and slimline tonic or diet lemonade? Big tick, well done, slimmer of the week award awaiting collection.

Gin liqueur with slimline tonic or diet lemonade? Akin to having a diet coke with your chippy tea….