So, gin with lemonade eh? I can hear the purists crying into their tonic water from here! There is something you need to take into consideration here; not everyone actually likes tonic. I kid you not, the fizzy, quinine laden beverage is not to everyone’s liking and has forced them to go in search of a mixer which compliments the gin and they actually like the taste of.

As the old adage tells us “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”. Lemonade and gin is actually a delicious drink and online you will find a multitude of recipes including Lemonade Gin Fizz and London Lemonade. A cold glass of G&L in the garden on a summer’s afternoon is deliciously refreshing, and the sweetness of the lemonade brings out the flavour of the gin rather than overpowering it.

The current crop of gin liqueurs, flavoured with everything from unicorn rainbows to snowflake, go down particularly well with lemonade as the tonic can knock the flavour a bit skew whiff, for want of a better description. Cloudy and pink lemonade are also great with gin, especially the latter which also looks ridiculous pretty.

So anyone reading this who has been drinking gin and lemonade in secret can now stand up and be proud to be a member of the G&L crew!