In a word; no. Alcohol doesn’t freeze therefore gin, with an ABV of 37.5% or above, will never freeze in a month of Sundays. This is great news for those who like their gin Baltic during the summer months; bung it in the freezer and it will always be at your perfect drinking temperature.

If. however, you are tempted to freeze your little cans of G & T that might not be your wisest move. Tonic is a fancy water so it will try it’s best to freeze, but the gin it’s mixed with won’t let it. This results in a slush that may be hard to get out of the can and once it’s defrosted and returned to liquid will not taste as good as it would have pre-slushed.
Our advice; go mad and store all your gin in the freezer! Already mixed? Stick to the fridge and invest in some kitsch plastic ice cube things.