how is spiced rum made

So, you know how rum is made, but have always wondered to yourself, “how is spiced rum made?” The process of making spiced rum is just like making normal rum, only slightly more complex, with delicious spices added to make a sweet, spicy and moreish final liquid. To cut to the chase,spiced rum is just rum that’s been flavoured after distillation.

All rums, including spiced rum, start with sugar cane – whether it be the pure juice, or the juice boiled down to make molasses. How the juice is made is seriously cool and full of history, with sugar canes themselves hacked down by machete wielders and then crushed to form a pulp and ex.

Just like in making regular rum, the molasses or sugarcane juice (usually molasses) is then combined with water and yeast and fermented to createa sort of wine, which is then distilled in a column still. After distillation (usually multiple times) is where the fun begins, and the freshly made rumis, ahem, spiced up (sorry).

It’s here that the rum makers will have a delicious hotchpotch of herbs, spices and fruits on hand to flavour the liquid, turning it into the beloved, nostalgic liquid we all know and love. These flavours can include zesty orange peel, fresh ginger, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, nutmeg and all-spice berries. Spiced flavouring is pretty much always added after distillation, as distillation process would subdue some of those delectable spicy, fruity flavours.

With that in mind, most distillers choose to add the flavours to the liquid after its aged in oak barrels, so there is more control over the flavour of the end result. There is also no risk of the spiced-up rum seeping into the oak and changing the flavour of the next batch of rum to call that barrel home.

It seems like a long process, but it’s definitely worth the wait, and after all that emerges a golden-hued liquid bursting with flavours like vanilla, coconut, ginger, oak and banana. Because it’s already packed with added flavour, spiced rum is the perfect addition to your home bar – simply mix with coke, ginger beer or pineapple juice and you’ve pretty much got a cocktail – cheers!